Bo Milton:  A Digital Development

Brand Overview

Bo Milton loves to create stylish and comfortable clothing for you. 

Bo Milton caters to you, who tirelessly seek versatile sophistication woven in luxe comfort in individual clothing pieces. We craft our products; to bring you easy comfort and effortless style. We care deeply about every single stitch and take great pride in perfecting them. It is our hope to share with you the fruit of our labor, our joy and our passion. One stitch at a time.

The team was founded in June 2015 in New York City.

Bo Milton: Online Store

I was tasked with handling the UI/UX aspects of Bo Milton's online store. Similarly to the simple, timeless and expertly crafted pieces offered at Bo Milton, I approached the design of this online store with a simplistic, clean and down-to-earth aesthetics. No flashiness and no clutter of content. Here, customers were enabled to view each and every piece of clothing at an enlarged scale with the zoom feature. The goal was to convey the expert craftmanship behind the products while still maintaining the modern aesthetic of the brand. 

Product Key Features: 

  • Online Ordering
  • Product Zoom
  • Payment 

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Mobile Site